Thule 5e Table of Contents

Here’s a look at the current state of the Primeval Thule 5e Table of Contents!

With the 5e version of the book, we have the opportunity to consolidate game-system information throughout the book. When we ran the Kickstarter campaign for our other three versions, we were able to convince our printer that we had one print run, not three separate print runs, by putting the system-specific material in the last 80 or so pages of the book. So the monster chapter, spells, and items were near the end, but we also had an appendix that contained the mechanics for the atlantean race, character narratives and some adventure notes, as well.

Now, the monster chapter and magic chapter are still near the end, but the information from the appendix will be put into the rest of the book. The order of the chapters doesn’t change, but the update rearranges page counts for parts of the book. It also frees up a couple of pages, so we’ll be able to add a couple pages, such as the new monster entry for the Great Old One Lorthnu’un of the Golden Chalice.

Chapter 1 TOCzChapter 2 TOCzChapter 3-4 TOCzChapter 5 TOCzChapter 6-7 TOCz