Need Volunteers for Gen Con 2017!

This year, we’re taking a different approach to Gen Con. Instead of a booth in the hall, we’re partnering with Baldman Games and Heralds Guild to offer a hands-on introduction to the Alternity Sci-Fi RPG throughout Gen Con 2017! Not only that, but we’ll be debuting the first adventure of the Protostar campaign setting at the show.

Volunteers Needed!

While the three of us will be helping out and running some games, we are also putting out a call to interested Alternity fans who might want to run one or more slots of the game. We’ll provide the adventure, pre-generated PCs, and updated rules, and you provide a few hours of your time to run the game for interested players. If you run enough slots (at least 4), you can even get your badge paid for!

So if you are interested in running Alternity at Gen Con this summer, head to the Heralds Guild volunteer signup page and fill out the form for Gen Con 2017 DM Registration. In the “Anything Else” section, note that you are signing up to run Alternity games for Sasquatch. Also send us a note, either via a facebook message or email us at info@sasquatchgamestudio dot com, to let us know you’ve signed up and we’ll coordinate getting materials to you later in the summer.

Come join us at Gen Con!