Primeval Thule Adventures

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viondor_13AcoverTower of Viondor
– by Jason Nelson of Legendary Games

A ghostly ship on the Sea of Mists, a frozen wreck in the Thousand Teeth, and the legend of a mad archmage who defied the icy doom of Nimoth—this is the tale of the forgotten Tower of Viondor. An Atlantean wizard of unparalleled inventiveness, the legendary Viondor refused to abandon his home when the glaciers surrounded his stronghold. The archmage and his tower were swallowed by the ice . . . or were they? Now, two centuries after Viondor was last seen, a map leading to his refuge from the eternal winter of Nimoth has been found in the bony clutches of a long-dead sea reaver. What secrets of power and magnificent treasures lie waiting there for the hand bold enough to seize them?

Lost Tower of Viondor is a 24-page PDF adventure for mid-level characters, set in the Primeval Thule campaign setting. Jason Nelson of Legendary Games, designer of End of Eternity, War of the River Kings, and Ultimate Combat, is the author. Lost Tower of Viondor is available in versions compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, and the 13th Age Roleplaying Game.

SQG_YellowMoon_PFcoverNight of the Yellow Moon – by John Dunn

Once every dozen generations, the Yellow Moon rises over Thule. This rare alignment is sacred to the cryptic god known as “the King of the Stars” and its delusional followers, the Golden Ones. Most people believe that this wandering cult is made up of addled fools and harmless dreamers and addled fools. But now Night of the Yellow Moon draws near again, and the time is at hand for the Golden Ones to earn their god’s favor by converting or killing all in their path. For the “King of the Stars” is none other than Hastur the Unspeakable, and the heroes must put an end to the cultists’ rampage before they invoke unimaginable catastrophe!

Night of the Yellow Moon is a 24-page PDF adventure for low level characters, set in the Primeval Thule campaign setting. The designer is John Dunn, who has worked on Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay, Mutant Chronicles, and the Accursed dark fantasy setting. Night of the Yellow Moon is available for download for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 4th Edition, the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and the 13th Age Roleplaying Game.

Seraglio of the Mind – by Dave Noonan (Q3 2015)

Coming soon!

RED CHAINS – By Steve Winter (Q4 2015, part of THULE 5e Kickstarter)

When the son of an important noble falls into the hands of the Crimson Slavers of Marg, the heroes are hired to buy the young man’s freedom and bring him home. But the seemingly straightforward errand soon leads the party into sordid slave markets, dark alleys and back rooms, and the most vile depths of the vilest trade in Thule. The noble’s son was not abducted for the auctioneer’s block–a dark and terrible fate awaits him if the heroes can’t reach him in time!

THE WATCHERS OF MENG – by Robert Schwalb (Q4 2015, part of THULE 5e Kickstarter)

A trader’s boat full of valuable cargo goes missing in the jungles of Dhar Mesh. When the heroes strike out in search of the missing boat, they discover that the trail leads to the sinister ruins of a forgotten city lost in the jungle–Meng, the City of the Watchers. Here the degenerate remnants of a once-great race linger in the shadows of the stone colossi raised by their ancestors, guarding the last treasure of their race. But the Jewel of Meng is protected by a terrible curse!