Alternity Beta Feedback

alternity metalAs we continue to refine the Alternity system, we’ll be collecting feedback from playtesters using surveys like this one. Tell us what you think about the Alternity Beta Release using the fields below! If you haven’t yet done so, please consider backing Alternity on Kickstarter!

We want as much feedback as possible, so please consider sharing the survey link with all of the players at the table, and have each player respond. Try to be concise and specific when addressing any topic. It’s much easier for us to evaluate a comment that describes an issue, instead of a comment that just says “this is great/terrible”.

Provide your name and the names of your players for us to include on the list of Alternity playtesters.
Have you played the original Alternity? What games do you play now?
What genres of sci-fi do you think Alternity should support?
While playing Alternity, think about lethality. Were the PCs or NPCs too durable or too fragile?
When engaged in a combat encounter, how often did players incorporate Aim, Assault, or Dodge add-ons into actions?
Use this space for any other feedback or comments you have on Alternity!

Thanks for checking out Alternity, and thank you for providing your feedback and helping make Alternity awesome! If you haven’t already, please consider backing us on Kickstarter!