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Who We Are

Sasquatch Game Studio LLC is devoted to delivering top-quality hobby game experiences. Its three principals have a collective 48 years of professional experience in the industry, mostly designing and developing games for TSR, Wizards of the Coast, and Paizo.

Richard Baker is a New York Times best-selling fantasy novelist and award-winning game designer with more than 100 game sourcebooks, products, and novels to his credit. He was one of the core designers of the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition game and currently works as a self-employed writer and game designer.

Stephen Schubert worked on more than 50 3rd edition, 4th edition, and now 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons products as a designer/developer, including Magic of Eberron (3e), Monster Manual 1 and 2 (4e), and Princes of the Apocalypse (5e), and was a core developer on the D&D Miniatures Game team.

David Noonan counts more than 50 3rd edition, 4th edition, and Pathfinder products among his credits. One of the designers for the 5th edition Princes of the Apocalypse adventure, Noonan has also written extensively for video games, most recently the Gigantic team action game for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Honorary Sasquatches

Our Primeval Thule concept art and logo were created by talented artists, because frankly we can’t draw. If you’re curious about the artists behind the great illustrations on this site, read on!

Justin Mayhew loves creating characters and environments that tell fantastic stories. You can see more of his work at: http://thedemonsofcorrath.blogspot.com/

Klaus Pillon has always been attracted to illustration and drawing. He grew up reading a lot of comic books, and doodled every time he could. Graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in 3D production, Klaus soon realized that illustration and concept art were his true passion. He has been studying concept art techniques intensively for the last year, and is largely self-taught. In addition to his work on Primeval Thule, You can see more of his work at: http://klaus-pillon.blogspot.com/

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