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Primeval Thule in Seven Sentences

Before the great glaciers covered the northern world for the last time, there was an age of legends now forgotten in the modern world. Cities of barbaric splendor and monstrous survivors from prehuman times were scattered across the great isles of the north like a handful of gems strewn from a dead thief’s hand. This was the land of Thule, savage and spectacular, a world of wonders and terrors. And it lives now only in the darkest depths of prehistory and half-remembered glimmers of myth.
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Art Gallery Added

Want a glimpse into the world of Primeval Thule? We’ve just added an art gallery where we can show off concept art for the campaign setting, including dramatic landscape art by Klaus Pillon (, and character portraits by Justin Mayhew ( Learn more about the artists on our About Us page.

Temple of the Black Beast

Temple of the Black Beast

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