Primeval Thule Contributors

The Primeval Thule Campaign Setting was designed and written by the Sasquatches – Rich Baker, David Noonan, and Stephen Schubert. We also enlisted the aid of longtime ally and honorary sasquatch Ed Greenwood, who wrote the Tower of Black Flame adventure in the PTCS book. We also had contributions from Mike Shea and Scott Rehm

We enlisted the aid of freelance editor Cal Moore to give the book a once-over.

To bring the world of Thule to life, we called upon some artists that we’d worked with in our previous jobs, but also found gems among sites like DeviantArt.

Our cover artist was the inestimable Todd Lockwood, and our other artists include:

Our esteemed cartographers for this project was Christopher West.

Graphic Design and Page Design by Mackenzie Schubert and Corey Macourek