Alternity Playtest Feeback Spring 2018

alternity metalWe’re putting the finishing touches on the core rulebook, and it never hurts to have a few more eyes take a look at the system to find any potholes we might have missed. We’d like to pre-preemptively thank you for you help in making some characters and playing through a session or two, so you can provide informed feedback to help finalize the Alternity system.

We’re still in the process of editing, and have yet to finalize some of the presentation (like the tables, for example), and include the final cover image, so the book is clearly not final. But it’s close enough with most of the content that we’re ready to get feedback from our backers on the current status of the game. We’re more interested in whether the rules are¬†coherent or if there are clearly broken combos we’ve yet to fix, than typos and other minor issues we’re already in the process of fixing in our editing pass.

Enter in your feedback and press Submit — that’s all you’ll have to do! You can fill out the form multiple times, so you can submit each issue you find separately, if you wish, or you can put it all into the text field at once – we’ll get it either way. Plus, if you decide you want to add more feedback later this page will be ready for you.

Try to be as concise as possible, and be specific about your issue(s). Page references help, but aren’t mandatory. And if you only have good things to say about it, well, that’s okay too!

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